"How can I computulate if my computotron isn’t working?"

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The Flash and his pal, Slippy the Ghostly Condom, want you to practice safe sex or get zapped by their de-erectifier gun. SO WRAP THAT PACKAGE BEFORE DELIVERY, BOYS.

(Found at this auction on the eBay by my personal manservant, pal JP)

Mighty Jaime Hernandez begins his run in the New York Times Magazine. He’s a good guy, and deserves all the attention that this is certain to bring him. It’s in that PDF format that seems to annoy everybody, but read it anyway.

Some interesting thoughts regarding religion and perceptions of the afterlife in the DC universe may be found in the comments section from my post yesterday. Would regular appearances of angels and devils in the DCU, not to mention superheroes regularly travelling to Heaven and Hell, strengthen religious belief (“See, it’s all true, so you better believe”) or undermine it (“Ah, angels and devils are just alien beings, like Superman, so big whoop”)?

For no good reason whatsoever, aside from the fact it came up at the store on Saturday: a web page about one of the favorite TV shows of a five-year-old Mikester: Run, Joe, Run.

It’s a live action kids’ show about a dog, a German Shepherd, on the run from the law, pursued for a crime he didn’t commit. In the process, Joe would encounter a different person each week who would need his help…help would be provided, and he’d move on to another town, one step ahead of The Man.

Hey, I was five. It was The Perfect Show for a five-year-old. Doggies!

“Comic capers coming soon”

“Having read a few recent stories regarding “V for Vendetta,” it’s become clear that some of my movie-reviewing colleagues don’t know the difference between a graphic novel and a trade-paperback collection.

“So here’s a quick tutorial:”

Read the article for the definitions, if you are so inclined.

If you’ve been having trouble posting comments here (and perhaps on other Haloscan-driven comment forms), like at least one person has reported to me, and I’ve even experienced here myself…going into your browser’s preferences and clearing out the Haloscan cookies seems to correct the issue.

Speaking of computer problems, some internet connection issues I was having on the job caused me to utter that very declaration in the subject line for this post up there. I’m not sure why, either.

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