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Okay, let’s ignore the fact that the title of this auction has one of my eBay pet peeves (the “not superman” aside, which is just keyword spamming), but just what is this guy selling?

“This auction is for a Spiderman trading card
You will get a FREE Custom made Spiderman 3 Costume Replica
Size Medium
(w/ detachable mask)”

Is it for a trading card featuring the costume? Is it for the costume and a trading card? Is it for a card that’s a contest entry for this costume?

I do like this bit of the description: “Size small – medium (toby meguire size)”

Here’s someone else who tried to sell his replica costume…apparently similar to the one being sold in that first auction, since it uses pretty much the same description and images (save for the “trading card” business).

Don’t ask how I ending up looking at Spider-Man replica costumes on the eBay.

Via Johanna: TwoMorrows is offering one free magazine per customer on their website during Free Comic Book Day. Like Johanna says…perhaps they’re missing the point a bit about getting bodies into stores on May 6th, but, hey, free magazines! And maybe it’ll get folks into stores for future issues.

Article on comic book convention emphasizes slow death of medium:

“But the move toward Hollywood, while putting money into the industry, also distances people from the comics, making it possible to forget where the ideas, moral themes, plot lines and intricate characters were first developed.

“We see kids now who know all the characters inside and out, and we ask them, ‘So you read the book?’ And they say, ‘No, I watch the cartoon,'” said [Ron] Frenz.”

This article from 1997 features the single most threatening image of Spider-Man I’ve ever seen.

More balloons…Batman style.

Jon Stewart reads The Decider comic book on The Daily Show. (embedded Quicktime link, via Robot Wisdom) (EDIT: Missed that Neilalien beat me to it)

“DC Comics taking over theaters”

“Speaking of X-Men, the producers of those movies have been talking about doing Metal Men. Metal Men is a DC property that tells the stories of a ragtag team of superhero robots and their inventor who all face prejudice and fight evil.”

“Spiderman [sic] visits Benjamin on his 3rd Birthday”

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