Marvel Jesus wishes you a very happy Easter.

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Here’s a description of Wundarr (AKA the Aquarian), his origin (which began as a parody of sorts of Superman’s), and his evolution into a more spiritual messiah-esque character.

Further information on the Dakkamites (Aquarian’s extraterrestrial people) is detailed in this database entry.

Aquarian briefly pops up in this “Versus” forum discussion.

Stats for the original Marvel Super-Hero Role Playing Game.

You can find Wundarr, among many other Marvel second ‘n’ third-stringers, on this Micro-Heroes page.

Apparently these only currently exist in the Google cache, but the world must not be denied Aquarian fan fiction: “Peace Corps” parts 1, 2, 3, and 4 (plus an annual).

Detailed synopses and cover scans of Marvel Two-in-One #57 and #58, teaming the Thing with Wundarr.

…And from #58, Wundarr expresses his love for blue-eyed Benjy.

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