How’s that again?

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From the Ain’t It Cool News report on the latest Justice League cartoon (the one featuring the Legion of Superheroes):

And do they have enemies?
Indeed they do, a group of Villains called the ‘Fatal Five’ but the only names I caught were the Emerald Empress (who controls a giant Emerald Eye of Eckram; it’s kind of like GL’s ring but it’s a floating eye), Half-A-Man (half man, half machine), Tharok (giant machine thing with a living brain) and Baladis (no idea what he does).”

I guess it could be a bit confusing, if you don’t know who any of these characters are and you have a bunch of names being thrown at you. You can read the actual line-up of the team here.

As you might infer from the above description, Validus (the “giant machine thing”) was indeed turned into some kind of robot for the cartoon, primarily so he’d be easy to defeat at the end of the show (with a character just punching through Validus’ chest) as they’re wrapping everything up. At least, I’d always assumed Validus was an organic being (particularly given his pre-Crisis origin), but, well, I guess he could be a giant robot, or at least partially mechanical. I don’t think there’s anything in any of the Legion stories, in any of the reboots, that would specifically contradict this. (I am thinking way too much about this.)

And I never, in a million years (or a thousand, more appropriately) would have imagined that Bouncing Boy’s superpower of, well, bouncing, would translate to motion as well as it did. It turned out to be effective and amusing, without being an over-the-top mockery of the character.

Makes me look forward to the coming Legion cartoon, though it’s apparently going to be more in the style of the anime-esque Teen Titans show than the Diniverse series. This weblog is keeping tabs on the development of the series.

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