Because pal JP loves "real" superheroes:

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“Terrifica, the Anti-Cupid”

“A young Brooklynite named Sarah got mercilessly dumped by her boyfriend and became Terrifica, a heroine whose mission is to prevent men from taking advantage of women. Men, she says, will use a deadly cocktail of ‘lies and drinks’ to get a woman into bed. So she patrols the city’s parties, bars, and clubs, intervening when she spots a sketchy seduction in progress.”

Here’s a longer article which mentions her arch-nemesis:

“Terrifica has also become somewhat of a nemesis to one alleged Casanova in particular: A man who likes to dress in velvet and prefers to be called ‘Fantastico.’ He says that over the years, Terrifica has thwarted his attempts on numerous occasions to get to know women a little better.”

Okay, these stories are a couple years old, and maybe you all know about these already…but knowing that there exists, or once existed, a real life conflict between a superheroine named Terrifica and a supervillain named Fantastico makes me deliriously happy.

Further internet searching brought me to World Superhero Registry, an online compendium of real-world superheroes (which, by the way, has an interview with Terrifica from earlier this year, so I guess she is still around.) That site brought me to the Earth Agents superhero team, with a swell rotating Earth animation on their homepage. And of course you all know about Doktor Discord and Mr. Silent, since they were all over the place on the nerdinet a few months ago.

Captain Sticky, rest his soul, still remains my favorite real-life superhero, however.

Additional linkage: the Wikipedia “real life superhero” article, with links a’plenty for more info on this alternative lifestyle.

And now a PROGRESSIVE RUIN disclaimer: don’t dress up as a superhero and try to fight crime. There are easier ways to get yourself shot.

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