Another fine and dandy new comics day.

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So a couple weeks back I mentioned the fact that I enjoy seeing covers that are “pre-distressed” (in that case, the new issue of Savage Dragon). Well, one of the covers for this week’s Shaolin Cowboy #5 has it beat…click that pic for a better look at it.

Other new comic day shenanigans:

Cavewoman Jungle Tales Special Edition #3 – a limited edition variant cover featuring the titular (har har) woman of caves, in her usual state of near-undress, surrounded by caricatures of the Beatles (with the slogan “reunited again” or some such). I don’t read Cavewoman…do the Beatles have anything to do with the contents of this book?

Beginners Guide To Drawing Furry Art – Step One: Draw a human form. Step Two: Add fur and a tail. …Well, that’s what it looks like!

Toyfare #106 – I don’t normally look inside Toyfare, but this issue did have a fairly amusing Alan Moore/Oscar Wilde battle. Yeah, what can I tell you.

Comics Journal #275 – Features some swell nigh-forgotten cartooning by Boody Rogers. Nutty, almost disturbing, work, and deserving of reissue. Also in this issue is R. Fiore’s witty and informative comics year in review, which makes for fine reading.

And a bunch of superhero comics came out, but I don’t really have much to say about them. Superman is vastly improved (it would have to be, with Kurt Busiek’s involvement…nice art from Pete Woods, too), Firestorm continues to be a solid book (better when focused on the “soap opera” elements, less interesting when the actual super-villain battle kicks in at the end), and Hellboy-spinoff B.P.R.D. starts off a new storyline concerning the resurrection of Roger the friendly golem (very effectively creepy).

I would be remiss if I did not note that, this Wednesday, angels sang from on high, the rivers ran backwards, snakes and hamsters lived together in peace, and Diamond Comic Distributors, Inc. actually managed to send us a shipment with no…I repeat, NO shortages or damages.

Well, there was one shorted item, but Diamond was already aware of it and included a note indicating that it had been entered into their system. BUT THAT’S CLOSE ENOUGH!

And now…this:

Find the other parts here. God bless these kids.

1. That kid playing Robin in a couple of the videos looks like he’d rather be doing anything else.

2. If you’re gonna dance while dressed as Batman, sooner or later a little Batusi is gonna slip in.

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