Mostly Bat-talk. (Or "I love people talking about superheroes existing in the real world.")

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“Robin Williams Wants to be The Joker in Batman Begins sequel”

“When the interviewer asked Williams if he would consider taking the role of the Joker, Robin quickly replied ‘Oh God Yeah!'”

I think this is just someone screwing around, but honestly, it’s hard to tell:

“this is a serious topic the world needs a batman or batmen or woman or and other type of superhero (superman greenlantern ect) or even made up i have a idear i shall gather ppl but i need your help we are going to be batmen/woman or superheros we gather somewere with comstumes and we can be the darknights we shall be batmen/woman we can make it a gang of superheros we can all be what we dream of if u are interested e-mail me or add my msn and talk to me on there i will reply all e-mails my e-mail is [deleted for this guy’s own good] live ur dream and join me”

And if you have other people on the Killer Movies forum making fun of you, you must have seriously gone wrong somewhere:

“I see this thread as the breading ground for some of the best insults ever seen on KMC.”

Yeah, that guy is going to get totally breaded.

Didn’t mean to turn this into “Bat-links,” but here’s another:

“If Batman lived on earth prime, would he do something?”

“I can’t help wondering that if superheroes were real, would they allow the tyrant that we call a president do the things he has done […] I normally don’t use forums like this, but I watched a JLU episode and watched a semi arguement between Supergirl and Green Arrow, Grenn Arrow states that the Goverment should be for the people by the people, in this sad state of the world, nothing is further from the truth.”

Uh, wow. It then proceeds into conspiracy theories and “9/11 was staged by the U.S.”-type stuff, and people arguing against same, which become even more surreal when mixed in with comments like this:

“i dont like the fact that Alexander Luthor touched my planet(if it’s true that Earth-Prime is OUR[the reader’s] earth)… grrrrr”

Someone decides to go back to the original topic:

“I don’t think this message board is about Batman living on Earth Prime…I will answer the real question. I think he would do something because he has no powers in the first place so there would be nothing stopping him on this world, too. He still would need to have his parents murdered tragically by a thug. But other than that everything else should fall into place.”

I’m not even sure what this next statement even means:

“too bad Batman isn’t real we should get real people to take care of this like The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.”

To sum up:

“This is the worst conversation about comics ever”

Not Bat-related: It says “Progressive Ruin,” but IT ISN’T ME. (WARNING: Link contains guy in underwear pushing a mop…who ALSO ISN’T ME. Maybe.)

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