Early evening linking.

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Found via Farkpick-up lines for girls to use on guys:

‘Don’t you think Batman’s cooler than Superman because he doesn’t have super-powers to fall back on?’ Let him be an expert. If a guy is reading something that you know about — a newspaper story, a novel, or a comic book you remember fondly — comment on it and let him show you how much he knows.”

Um, yeah, don’t hold your breath for anyone to use that specific line on you.

My favorite V for Vendetta review, via the very funny Weekly Blurb:

“V for Vantastic Entertainment!

“V (Hugo Weaving), a masked mystery man with a gift of gab, swirls and swaggers through the evil regime, blowing up things, slashing people’s throats and appearing on television. Is he crazy? like a fox! A dashing, daring fox who likes to wear capes! V meets Evey (Natalie Portman), and falls in love with the ‘v’ in her name, even though it is small while his is capital.

“[…] V for Vendetta rises above the controversy that has engulfed it by creating the kind of serious complex and deeply symbolic characters that turn ordinary comic books into graphic novels.”

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