The post with no name.

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Just noticed that “I’m Chalk!” appears in the Wikipedia “Swamp Thing” entry (apparently first appearing as of the March 5, 2005 revision, far as I can tell).

I should fix the entry, since it isn’t really a “text bubble” reading “I’m Chalk” on the package, but that would require “effort,” and I’m tired.

(EDIT: It’s been fixed for me…thanks, So-Called Austin Mayor!)

Witnessed in the last week:

  • Someone so incredibly excited about a particular new comic coming out that he actually does the “pee pee dance.”
  • Someone asking me, in our store — a store devoted to actually attempting to sell comic books — where he could download scans of currently-released comics for free.
  • A gaggle of kids, presumably walking home from the nearby high school, enjoying their after-school smoke, shouting “NERDS!” into the store as they walk by. Ooh, boy, I’ve been put in my place, for certain.

So that Jack Chick random generator I linked a while back…the fellow what runs that site pointed out that he got linked by the Generator Blog…and following that link back, I see that the Generator Blog got the link from Sarcasmo’s Corner, who got the link from Link Machine Go, who got the link from me in the first place.

Just found that amusing, is all.

Congrats to Mag ‘n’ H for the Comic Treadmill’s 1000th post!

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