In which Mike makes a weblog entry while in a bad mood.

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So we’ve gone from “Stephen King is gonna write comics!” to “Stephen King will perhaps be collaborating on comics with a creative partner” to Leonard Nimoy’s Primortals,” it seems.

Okay, okay, don’t get on my case…I’m not trying to sound so negative about it. That’s more a comment on how the project’s been presented/perceived than on the actual quality of the project itself (and I am the target audience for this, having read the Dark Tower series across the couple of decades it took to complete, and being a fan of Peter David’s work as well). I do get the impression that King will be more involved in the Dark Tower comic than just having his people rubber-stamp “APPROVED” or “NOT APPROVED” on submitted ideas.

But the progression of hype and news around this project does come this close to feeling like, say, Dark Horse announcing twenty years ago that George Lucas was going to be writing Star Wars comics for them, only to end up having all the scripts just run by Lucasfilm for approval instead.

And come to think of it…did Marvel ever actually say that King was going to write for them, or did they just hint heavily at it and let all the news sites and message boards and weblogs fill in the blanks for themselves?

So some new comics came out this week, I guess:

Infinite Crisis #6 – Swamp Thing cameo. Really, that’s all you need to know. Oh, and Stanley and his Monster show up, too. There, that’s two things you should know. Or three, if you count Stanley and the Monster separately.

Overstreet Price Guide #36 – House of Secrets #92 is up to $900! Woo hoo!

Moon Knight #1 – To hear a number of my customers talk about this comic, you’d think that every Moon Knight series ever published would have outsold the Bible. Where’d this love for Moon Knight come from? I mean, I know people liked the issues Bill Sienkiewicz drew way back when, but since then? Okay, there was that brief moment when people, desperate to invest in something, latched onto the S. Platt issues, but that bump in demand died out years ago.

Tick Days of Drama #5 – You know, I’m beginning to get the feeling that Ben Edlund may not be coming back to draw Tick comics.

Hell in a Handbasket by Tom Tomorrow – best thing out this week. Man, I loves me the Tom Tomorrow.

Book of Lost Souls #6 – I’m now officially at selling all of one copy of this per month.

Ed the Happy Clown #6 – the footnotes reach the point where Chester Brown discusses turning a penis into the President of the United States. And if you have no idea what I’m talking about, I can only imagine how insane that sentence sounds.

Enough with the new comics, on to the linkage:

So that Doom t-shirt ad I posted yesterday? Shane had it first, and I totally forgot. I’m a big jerk. Sorry, Shane!

I have a new column up at Comic Book Galaxy. I apologize in advance for the fact that it’s mostly recycled entries from this website. My time was pretty short ahead of the deadline. Of course, now, I have more time than I know what to do with. Ah, well.

Speaking of columns, pal Ian has a new one at the Comic Foundry, about how I helped him find…the Best Comic Ever. And about how I relentlessly pushed comics on him, parting him from his hard-earned money. And how I beat him up every day after school, pushing him in the mud and stealing his glasses. Well, okay, maybe not that last bit.

Gaze into a whole bunch of Kirby eyes.

And now, because I’m in a bad mood, I’m going to subject you to this:

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