A quick movie comic aside.

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So please feel free to keep letting me know what your favorite movie-inspired comics are…you’re reminding me of a couple I’d forgotten about, and I’ll probably follow up on that post soon.

Anyway, it does remind me of one of my favorite movie-to-comic translation glitches, from DC Comics’ Star Trek: Generations.

In the film, there’s a scene where the Enterprise is on the verge of crash-landing on a nearby planet. The camera focuses on Data, newly in possession of an “emotion chip,” who exclaims “oh, shit!” Here’s how that exact moment appears in the movie:

It’s funny because 1) it’s an entirely unexpected use of a vulgarity, in a franchise not known for them; 2) it’s from the last character you’d expect; and 3) it’s an entirely understandable reaction, a reaction that normal people like you or I would have should we be in the exact same situation (saucer section of the ship about to crash due to an attack by the Klingons, captain on the planet surface fighting Malcolm McDowell, recently installed emotion ship not working properly…you know, situations like that).

Here’s how that same scene plays out in the comic book adaptation:

“Oh, shit” is still there, but entirely stripped of the context that makes it amusing. Who said “oh, shit?” Who knows? You can’t tell from this panel.

Oh, and by the way…

…it’s Comics Code approved.
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