Normal service has resumed.

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Just for posterity’s sake, here’s a screenshot of this site from yesterday’s April Fool’s shenanigans:

Since I actually had a couple people ask what was up with that, I’ll note here that it was a takeoff on Fanboy Rampage. Yes, I know most of you folks already knew that, but some didn’t. (Thanks to Graeme, under an assumed name, giving it that extra touch.)

And, in case you missed it, you really need to visit the Swamp Thing Blog. I had no idea that my life was missing Swamp Thing/Abby/Blue Devil/Black Orchid/Detective Chimp golfing fan fiction until I read it for myself.

I’m a little short on time this morning, so let me at least give you a couple links full o’good reading that I totally stole from Mark Evanier: an online Treasure Chest collection, and, even better, all the “This Godless Communism” stories in sequence. Fantastic. As J. Edgar Hoover himself says in the introduction:

“The most effective way for you to fight communism is to learn all you can about it.”

You don’t want those Commies to win, do you? Then get readin’.

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