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“Can Superman break adamantium?”

“Well can he? And I mean any incarnation of him pre-crisis, post, Kingdom Come, Prime, 1 million etc. In the Heroes of the Holocaust crossover special in 1981 Doctor Doom created a robot out an alloy almost as powerful as adamantium but he quickly tears it apart.”

“Adamentium is the stringest thing on earth, supe is not from earth, he could break it with ease”

“…I must disagree. Superman can do it in the presence of a white star. It’s said that these stars give him the most energy.”

“Superman can’t break adamantium. The periodic table is constant throughout the universe. It’s just as strong on earth as it is anywhere else. If he can’t break it here he can’t do it anywhere.”

“Thor couldn’t break Adamantium. The Hulk couldn’t break Adamantium. They are both relatively stronger than Superman. Superman can’t break Adamantium. Simple applied reasoning.”

“The Hulk and Thor are nowhere near as strong as POST crisis Supes.”

“The Hulk and Thor are both way stronger than Post-Crisis Superman. Lobo kicked Post-Crisis Superman’s ass.”

I usually wouldn’t quote this much of a post, but this next one must be read in its entirety:

“HAHAHA, mend it blend it or melt it! I wish they’d do a cross over and we can see what happens. In the last cross over, supes knocked out Thor! I threw the mag away, didn’t buy it duh! But I was pissed! Then supes picked up Thors hammer like it was chicken sh.t! Darn that sulked, only to be told it was Thors dad that allowed it and I thought ‘what a bunch of crap!’ Where do they come up with these ideas? Gosh, so much favoritism for one character! Man, I’d like to see SUpes against Wolverine just to see how they make Spes kill wolverine. Cos if he can knock the sh.t out of Thor , I’d love to see what he does to Wolverine! Healing power or not! Cos the the more severe the injury, I do believe the longer time it takes to heal! Or can he heal it in an instant? Or what if he gets multiple injuries? Supes burning his ass with those laser eyes and moving faster than lighting? Gosh I’d buy a million copies. But we’ll have to wait.”

“No he cant” — and the poster must have had additional thoughts on the topic, for in the very next post: “and no kids sups cant beat the crap out of thor”

“post ,pre, and prime cou;counldnt break pure adimantium the only thing that can is vibrium anti metal B so unless soupie is mad outta dat i dont think so biatchess”

“This will depend on the absolute hardness of adamantium (diamond is 1500), its thoughness and thermodynamic stability.”

“Like most other super-materials in comic books, adamantium is unbreakable until somebody manages to break it”

Let’s wrap up with what should be the final word on the subject:

“only wolverine himself can truly hurt adamantium for he is the owner”

Well said.

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