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The Swamp Thing weblog.

I swear to God it’s not me. And yes, it’s done entirely in character, from Swampy’s perspective. God bless this person:

The Shadowpact and I fought an extremely violent battle with Dark Hellchid today. We were in Bucharest, Romania–and the conflict took place under the foreboding omen of a solar eclipse. [the sign of the Shadowpact’s nemesis, Eclipso] The menacing creature who was once my beloved young protoge’ Suzy, the Black Orchid was now the demon-possessed fiendish archvillain known to us as Dark Hellchid.”

Abby and I confronted King Toad today. We regarded the low, pathetically vile creature together with our quiet hatred. He shouted at us and mocked us in his bitter contempt.”

My official Favorite Thing of The Week must be the two posts about Swamp Thing playing golf with the Shadowpact, complete with photos (maybe NSFW, since the Black Orchid’s photo is basically a naked lady colored purple):

Abby, Suzy and I were invited by Blue Devil and Detective Chimp to come play golf with them today. […] The Chimp played an impressive first round, and challenged Abby to surprass it.”

“But then it came Black Orchid’s turn. […] “‘You want to play golf, Chimp. This is how you play it. Not with words, but with actions.'”

Later, Abby gives Swamp Thing some golfing lessons:

“In my first swing, unfortunately, I underestimated my strength and broke the club in half. Undaunted, Abby rushed into the house and came back out with a spare club to play with. This time, she showed me how to handle the club properly.”

This is the greatest weblog I have ever seen. You can pretty much stop making new weblogs now.

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