“The watchmen cannot be made into a movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

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“AICN EXCLUSIVE!! WATCHMEN Has A New Director… Again!!”

Basically a story saying the director of 300 “has entered negotiations” to helm The Film Project That Would Not Die…reactions are as follows:

“Why even call this movie WATCHMEN? Give the characters new names and tell your story. But if you aren’t going to tell Alan Moore’ story, why disrespect his characters to tell yours? Can Hollywood just keep their hands off what they can’t understand? Do Moore right or don’t do him at all.”

“The HBO 12 parter would’ve been the better route to go down in my opinion. I think the only way they’re going to come anywhere near close to showing all the detail that we want in a film version would be if they split it up and made numerous films in volumes, ala Lord Of The Rings or Kill Bill, but on a larger scale.”

“It’s just a fun topic to talk about, and we’ll be speculating about it 5 years from now, but as a feature film, it will NEVER HAPPEN! I’m taking all betters on this.”

“And maybe just maybe you could invite Alan Moore to pull his head out of his ass and help on a series adding things to make it work for television rather than cutting it for film.”

“The Watchmen should be an HBO series […] It’s the only way to tell the entire story without losing what makes it so unique. V for Vendetta, as a movie, was very good. It kept the basic ideas intact even with a complete rewrite of the 3rd act. That could never be done with The Watchmen. You’d need to tell this story over 12 one hour episodes.”

“YES! I really hope the people at HBO take notice of the material and at Warners at least considers that as an option. A 12 episode mini-series with a huge budget would be record-breaking TV.”

“Watchmen is also an oddity in that it is a rather adult story, yet adults may not shine to superheroes… and kids won’t recognize NiteOwl and can’t pronounce Ozymandias, so there goes your Happy Meal and action figure money.”

“Hmm – has anyone thought about making an HBO miniseries out of it?”

“David Caruso as Rorschach. Dennis Farina as the Comedian. Dan Aykroyd as Nite Owl. Brad Pitt as Ozymandias. Danny Devito as Dr. Manhattan. It’s just crazy enough to work!”

“The watchmen cannot be made into a movie!!!!!!!!!!!!! Both scripts that were written were an abomination to the source material….my god, they gave powers to the silk spectre!??!!!!!”

“Hey, I’ve got the perfect idea for how to do ‘Watchmen’ […] As a fucking COMIC BOOK. Leave it alone, you fucking jackals. God.”

“It doesn’t need to be a mini-series, because once you pull the short-story background stuff, the Black Freighter side-stories, and some of Moore’s more indulgent sidetracks, you have a good couple hours worth of story/mystery/social commentary that a writer can sink their teeth into.”

“the sad truth about watchmen:
(1) it was groundbreaking at the time but it hasn’t aged well – the whole ‘superheros as losers and sociopaths’ thing has the feel of a 70s downer flick; (2) it has the stupidest fucking ending ever. (3) its intrinsic lack of broad audience appeal (outside the comic book faithful) means that no studio would want to waste money bringing it to the big screen without demanding the kinds of changes that would gut the story.”

“People say that it would work best as a 12-part HBO series because IT WOULD WORK BEST AS A 12-PART HBO SERIES!”

“…This ISN’T a superhero movie it is a thriller ala Se7en or Silence of the Lambs only with superpowers.”

Be sure to read the original poster’s addendum regarding the whole “HBO series” thing:

“You can just go off and imagine your pointless masturbatory 12 hour version of the thing, and be done with it.”

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