Sunday evening stuff.

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So at the store today, for no good reason I started coming up with other potential “Ultimate” titles, just picking the least-likely properties from Marvel’s past and slapping the word “Ultimate” in front. Ultimate Slapstick, Ultimate Mort the Dead Teenager, Ultimate Wolfpack, Ultimate Street Poet Ray, Ultimate Patsy & Hedy, and so on.

But I think I reached a real nadir once Ultimate ‘Nam came out of my mouth. I mean, goodness.

Overheard at the shop:

Person #1: “I didn’t like League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, but you might.”

Person #2: “Really, what’s it like?”

Person #1: “It’s sort of literary and snobby.”

An exchange with Employee Nathan:

Me (doing reorders): “Hey, I can get previous issues of X-Men: Deadly Genesis back in stock.”

Nathan: “We still don’t know what’s so deadly about this genesis.”

Me: “Well, if they called it X-Men: Vaguely Annoying Genesis, it probably wouldn’t sell as well.”

Another exchange with Employee Nathan:

Nathan: “You know what Marvel should do for April Fool’s Day?”

Me: “Publish a good comic?”

(Oh relax. I was joking. Mostly.)

Pigs are flying, rivers are running backwards, and our comics distributor finally has both the Joss Whedon Serenity and the first Kingdom Hearts trades available for reorder!

Now, should everything that appears on the Diamond invoice we got today actually arrive in the store this Wednesday, with not a shortage to be seen, I’ll know we’ve entered the End Times.

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