Every week, it’s another New Comics Day.

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So a couple weeks ago we had some severe shortages on our comics order, which I had dutifully called in to Diamond in the hopes of receiving replacements. Well, I guess we can kiss the latest issue of Spider-Girl goodbye, since our shortage on that particular comic was put into the system as a normal reorder, and not as a priority shortage replacement…and since we didn’t find this out until yesterday, no copies are left to be had, apparently.

Also, I had placed an immediate reorder on the new Batman Annual, the one that explains the whole Jason Todd thing (and was also a stealth Infinite Crisis tie-in), as soon as that issue had come in. We were invoiced for that reorder this week…but the comics were shorted from our shipment. And, yes, as you may have heard, that Batman Annual has gone to a second printing…so because someone screwed up, we’re out our first printings of this funnybook.

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again…I hate comics.

With that in mind, let’s look at a few things that came in this week:

Infinite Crisis Secret Files 2006 – Unlike most in the Secret Files series, this comic is actually nearly all story, with only four pin-up/profile pages at the end. It’s effectively Infinite Crisis #…5 1/2? 4 1/2? God help us, #0? At any rate, if you’re enjoying IC, you’ll probably dig this comic, too…lots of nice art by Jerry Ordway and Dan Jurgens, and it’s good to see Marv Wolfman writing these characters again.

Dorothy #5 – Okay, it actually came out last week, but I’ve been lazy and didn’t get around to it ’til yesterday. I’ve been enjoying this dark take on the Oz-iverse quite a bit, and its only downside is the length of time between issues. This issue is a bit talky…mostly Dorothy arguing with the munchkins about wanting to go home and wanting nothing to do with the internal doings of Oz…but it’s as visually appealing as ever. It’s a rare example of a “fumetti”-type comic that is actually on par with a more traditionally-illustrated funnybook, and highly recommended. (See the official site for some samples…I’ve found that issue #4, the origin of the Scarecrow, really grabs new readers. If you want to try an issue out, I suggest that one.)

Planetary Brigade #2 – Okay, I know, it’s yet another example of “hey, it’s a fat guy, and he runs a comic book store, and he’s unappealing to women! Hoo hah!” But this particular fat guy is, in fact, the Brigade’s own Mr. Brilliant…a bit put-upon, a bit arrogant, a bit cowardly, and more of a fully fleshed-out, somewhat sympathetic character than the cliche he appears to be at first glance. His banter with his sexy teammate, Pussycat (whom he lets live rent-free in the apartment above the store), is amusing, and hints at a somewhat deeper friendship than either are willing to admit. But, as a fat guy who runs a comic book store, perhaps that’s just wishful thinking on my part. Anyway, the J.M. DeMatteis/Keith Giffen team successfully manage that balance between wacky humor, witty dialogue, and genuine emotion, as they did in the best of their ’80s Justice League run. Even though we all know the team’s tragic end (the superhero team, not DeMatteis/Giffen…see Hero Squared), it doesn’t color the enjoyment of their antics, which will hopefully continue for some time to come. The art, like in the first issue, is provided by a number of different contributors…and Fabio Moon’s work on the lead chapter is particularly exceptional. Humorous, highly detailed, and emotive…the rest of the book doesn’t look too shabby, either.

Okay, enough of the longer reviews none of you read anyway…let’s have some quickies:

Showcase Presents Superman Family Vol. 1 – Nearly 600 pages of Silver Age Jimmy Olsen stories…Heaven looks a little bit like this. There’s more imagination on one page of this book than you’d find in an entire issue of something like Red Sonja/Claw: Devil’s Hands.

Painkiller Jane #1 – “Hey, is this based on the Sci-Fi Channel movie?” No, nobody actually asked that…that would imply people saw the Sci-Fi Channel movie.

Spike Versus Dracula #1 – A vast improvement over the appalling Spike: Old Wounds…this comic looks like it was actually illustrated, rather than traced. Peter David brings us the origin of the Spike/Dracula conflict (explaining a throwaway gag from the Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV series in the process). Fun stuff.

Flaming Carrot Comics Photo Comic Special #1 – Must be seen to be believed. So see it. Absolutely 100% fantastic.

Conan: Book of Thoth – Not a Conan fan, really, but was almost tempted by the Kelley Jones art. A nice looking book.

Aspen Swimsuit Special #1 – Isn’t this almost redundant?

Four #28 – I know this is supposed to be Marvel’s more “mature” Fantastic Four title, but it still seems a little strange to read a story about the Invisible Woman fighting domestic violence. There’s a weird disconnect between a Kirby character that fought monsters and aliens, and that same character addressing a serious real world issue. Not saying it shouldn’t be done, just saying…well, it’s odd, is all.

Back Issue #15 – Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez interview, unused ‘Mazing Man script (complete with “20 year reunion” sketch by Stephen DeStefano), Art Adams Werewolf cover, proposed Gorilla Grodd series…how many more things do I have to list before you buy this magazine, already?

Toyfare #105 – Employee Nathan was inordinately amused by the Care Bear on the cover declaring “I’m delicious!” I worry about that boy.

I know some of you may already spotted this on Mark Evanier’s site, but I know of at least one person who’s gonna want to know this: Neal Adams will be on Coast to Coast AM Thursday night discussing his “new model of the universe.” How this will be anything less than absolutely brilliant, I can’t imagine.

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