"…This is the final touch that will set you apart from everyone."

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Ladies and gentlemen…Hellboy Pants:

“All real leather Hellboy pants. Just like those worn by Ron Perlman in the sensational 2004 movie.

“These beautiful heavy black leather pants are highly detailed and come in all sizes.

“If you are looking for quality and authenticity to complete your look this is the final touch that will set you apart from everyone.”

Employee Aaron’s reaction to that eBay listing:

Me: “Hey, these pants come in all sizes!”

Aaron: “Wow, I come in all sizes!”

I so don’t want to know, you have no idea.

Yesterday at work, I was talking about Marvel action figures with one of our customers, and the MODOK action figure was mentioned. This is how that part of the conversation went:

Customer: “I have the old MODOK figure, but it doesn’t have a lot of articulation.”

Me: “Oh, just like the real MODOK then.”

“Just like the real MODOK then.”


I hate me.

In other MODOK action figure news, I was under the assumption that the new MODOK figure (shown here) was going to be available in an upcoming Marvel Legends series. And, well, it is, but it’s going to be distributed like that Galactus figure…each figure in the series will come with a piece of MODOK, so you’ll have to buy them all in order to assemble your own villainous floating head. Rats.

Oh, and at that Galactus link, he’s described as “the gargantuan archenemy of the Avengers” instead of the Fantastic Four. Well, I guess that’s technically true, since Galactus was always trying to eat the Earth, and thus making himself the enemy of all the folks living here…including the Avengers, presumably.

Thank God I was here to set that straight.

So there’s this comic shop about an hour’s drive north of us that we’ve been doing business with for years. We’re always contacting each other trying to track down goodies for customers and whatnot, we post their flyers, they post ours…we get along swimmingly. Well, as it turns out, a young lady employed there, with whom I’ve spoken on the phone a handful of times, just happens to be a comics weblogger her own self. I just figured that out yesterday, when she gave me her name on the phone, and I finally pieced that together with some of the things she’s said about her job and locale on her site, along with the name she’s left in my comments sections. Yeah, I’m a real Miss Marple, but I still forced myself to double-check her site before I just blurted out “AM YOU COMICS BLOGGER ALSO?”

You can see her own reaction to finding out about my semi-secret double ‘blogging life here. And read her site…good reviews and commentary there.

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