Super quick update explosion.

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1. Tried to watch Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean’s Mirrormask the other night. Fell asleep. I’m chalking it up to being probably too old tired to watch it when I did, but there not being a whole lot of “there” there to keep me interested may have been part of it, too. Very pretty, but not compelling. I’ll try again later.

2. This story (which Franklin Harris pointed out a few days back), about a murder suspect with several aliases taken from comic book characters, currently dominates the Google news search for “comic book.” As I write this, the first few pages of results are primarily this particular news item. Now there’s your positive view of comics, just in time for several big budget blockbuster funnybook movies.

3. How to linkblog: do it like Neilalien. That’s quality linkage, sir.

4. Just found this Spanish weblog post which says some nice things about my Bat-Week posts from a few weeks ago. (Bat-Week started here…and would it be tooting my own horn too much if I were to say that this post is probably my single favorite thing I’ve done on this site?)

5. Confidential to Kid Chris: your damned Aquaman shirt should be in this week.

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