Superman Versus Goku.

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YTMND link: Superman/Goku comparison – loud, loud sound.

“I created this website especially for those of you who still dought Goku’s superiority over Superman. Death to Superman!” (And that’s pretty much the entire content of that site.)

“Goku Vs. Superman!!!!!!!!!!!????????” – links to a 16-page Superman vs. Goku story.

Superhero Hype: Goku Vs. Superman:

“Superman can destroy the moon.

Goku can destroy a universe.

Hard to tell what’s more impressive.

Goku’s also faster, as he was at lightspeed in his teens.

Finally, Goku is an exponentially better fighter than Superman.

Goku wins. Quite easily.”

Mister Poll: Superman or Goku:

“Me and my son were arguing over who was the stronger of the two. Anyone have any input?”

DragonWorld: DragonBall RolePlaying Game:

“Goku could handily beat the other incarnations of Superman, only Pre-Crisis Supes would be any kind of chalange.”

“Even GOD has asked Son Goku for Help! It doesn’t even matter if it’s Pre-Crisis Superman. Son Goku is just too powerful. Superman can’t beat a lot of guys in the Dragonball Universe.”

“I hate both of them, but seeing that Goku could go to SS3 and fucking slaughter Superman (and Goku has a shitload of stamina), so my vote goes to Goku.”

“i used to be a huge dragonball z fan, and i still like it, just not as intensely, so im gonna vote for goku, simply because superman has never done those sick fadeouts/fade back in behind the guy.”

“Alright….I just got in the biggest argument over this with one of my friends. Goku would just demolish superman in every single way. Look at the facts, Superman can been hert by man made weapons and as for Goku…NO. Im talkin about Goku at his max of 1 bill, nah …even SS2 would demolish him. And dont give me that criptonite ****, Doomsday fuked him up without it and its so obviouse that Superman has never fought someone as strong as Goku…cmon”


“DRAGONBALLZ is in a hgh league and you gotta accept that. Very Happy some idoits on the web think superman can beat goku…wel they are crazy cause goku can rip superamn in half without even powering up..why even krillin ,yamcha cn du it. tien does waste tme fighting weaklings lik superman…vegeta dnt even get me started”

“Chuck Norris could roundhouse kick Superman and Goku before they even thought about fighting him.”

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  • somerandomguypassingby says:

    Goku vs Superman = Goku, obviously
    SSJ 4 Goku vs Superman = Hahahahahahahahahaha.

    Seriously he’s harder, better faster and stronger and he can destroy the universe with a fucking fart.