New comics day…again.

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Inspired by folks like pal Tom “liveblogging” the Oscars, I thought I would liveblog my New Comics Day post. So, here we go:

8:45 AM – I begin to work on this post.

8:46 AM – I write the initial liveblogging entry.

8:46 AM – I write the entry noting that I just wrote my initial liveblogging entry.

Er…okay, perhaps I have a few bugs to work out. I’ll get back to you.

Anyway, new funny books:

First, though, I noted last week that a number of items were missing from last Wednesday’s order, including Marvel Zombies, Spider-Girl, and a third of our Infinite Crisis order, among many other items. In cases such as these, Diamond will send out an “emergency” shipment, usually two-day UPS, to get the items to us. However, some wires got crossed somewhere over at the distributor, and the only item we got shipped to us post-haste was the retailer incentive cover for Ms. Marvel, sent by itself in a cardboard box. Everything else was apparently shipped out as one of Diamond’s regular orders, sent out last Monday and due, with any luck, today. So, basically, I could have not bothered insisting on the emergency shipment since we’re getting them a day later than if I had said nothing at all.

Arriving in that box (hopefully) is our extra stock of Marvel’s 99-cent Previews-supplement catalog. We were shorted on them the week they came out, our replacement order was shorted on the following week’s shipment, and they were shorted again on last week’s shipment. So by the time they arrive, I should have at least a week or so to sell them before the next issue (hopefully) arrives.

Feh. Stupid comics.

Anyway, back to the funnybooks that, by some miracle, actually did show up:

Thunderbolts #100 – Okay, I’m officially tired of these cover corner boxes already:

I’m hoping this doesn’t mean we’re going to be seeing that blurb on Marvel’s covers for the next two months, when Identity Crisis Civil War is unleashed upon an unsuspecting comics rack.

Aside from that…Thunderbolts is probably one of my favorite Marvel comics. Just plain, old-fashioned superhero fun…it threatens to collapse under the weight of its own subplots/callbacks to ancient Marvel continuity at times, but in general it’s a fun book. However, and I’m stealing this observation from pal Dorian, this extra-sized issue reprints Thunderbolts ’97 which, we’re guessing, most people buying issue #100 of Thunderbolts will probably already own. However, the lead story is 50 pages (including ads), which would have cost the cover price of this item ($3.99) anyway, making the reprint an extra “free” bonus. On top of that, anniversary issues do tend to get the occasional new reader, so I suppose that reprint would serve as a good intro to the characters. But, still, I would have liked to see reprints of stories from older comics, featuring members of the team.

Boy, I go on a bit. Sorry.

Doll & Creature #1 – Reprints, in color and in comic book form, the Ait/Planerlar graphic novel discussed here. I wasn’t 100% thrilled with the graphic novel, but it was enjoyable enough. Like I said before, fans of The Goon and Hellboy might want to give it a glance.

Liberality for All #2 – I had wondered before if this comic was a right-winger’s satire on left-wingers, or a left-winger goofing on right-wingers…and this is even brought up in the letters column of this issue. (For the record, the creator ain’t sayin’.) However, in that same letters column a “Michael Moore is fat” joke is made, and for no good, logical reason I can articulate, that makes me think that, no, this comic is indeed a right-winger’s satire on left-wingers. However, also in this same letters column, grief is given to one of the commenters for just standing in his comic shop and reading the comic for free (“…A quick flip through is fine, but reading a comic cover to cover, with no intention of buying it, is the mark of a cheapskate“), so good on them.

Identity Crisis Series 2 action figures – To quote pal JP : “Batman‘s deformed!” As for the Black Canary figure…there’s redesigning, and then there’s just making the character look appallingly ugly. I mean, honestly. At least they found something to do with the actual fabric fishnets from all those unsold Zatanna figures.

G.I. Joe Vs. Transformers Vol. 3: Art of War #1 – Dear God, please let there not be any more G.I. Joe versus Transformers comics. Isn’t there enough blight upon the world?

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