I’m running a tad bit behind this morning…

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…so here are a couple “real world” comic book reviews for your enjoyment:

“DC Comics revists indie division classics”

It’s a positive review of DC’s two Vertigo sampler books, which includes this particular perspective:

“Over the past several years, though, Vertigo has been faced with the difficulty of creating another hit comic book series, and with the increase in attention from Hollywood and consumers in the past several years, the pressure has been high to release something that strikes it big.”

I know pal Dorian and I have often discussed how a few of Vertigo’s releases seemed to be “Look, we’re the new Preacher, except movie-friendly!” Since, you know, a movie where the bad guy is God is not likely to fly in today’s climate, to say the least.

Anyway, this writer floats the idea of putting out subsequent volumes of these sampler books featuring the second issues, the third issues, and so on, effectively making them ongoing anthology series. Given how well it worked that last time someone did this (Crossgen and their two anthology books, reprinting material already in trade form), I wouldn’t expect it to happen (and neither does that writer), but it is interesting to think about.

“Tonight, Leave Your Comics Bedside – Alan Moore Reminds Us That Not All Graphics Are for Kids”

Brief, positive reviews of Alan Moore’s graphic novels…primarily the ones that would be familiar to the general public via their film adaptations, with the exception of Watchmen, which was in Time, doncha know.

Meanwhile, back in the comicsweblogosphere…Alan David Doane speaks hard about Speakeasy. You know, we carried all of Speakeasy’s comics…and with the exception of Rocketo (which ADD mentions) and Beowulf — and the first issue of Atomika, I guess — they didn’t do all that terribly well for us. It was just plain too much, too fast…well, I’m gonna duplicate what Alan said, so just go read his post.

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