Sunday morning misc.

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Customer: “I’m looking for comics with pictures of devils in them. They’re for a seven-year-old. Do you have any?”

Me: “Did I wake up in Opposite Land today?”

Okay, I didn’t say that, but I did sell the gentleman a handful of inexpensive ’70s Ghost Riders, which apparently fit the bill quite nicely. SATANISM: Kids love it!

(Employee Aaron takes a phone call, which I only barely overhear. Aaron answers the caller’s question, and hangs up.)

Me: “Did I hear right? Was that customer asking for J-Lo action figures? Please tell me he was.”

A: “No, he was looking for Halo action figures.”

M: “Gosh darn it…’J-Lo’ would have been funnier! Are you sure that’s not what he was asking for?”

A: “It was definitely Halo. But, yes Mike, I’m sure he was going to ask for J-Lo action figures next.”

M: “Oh, don’t you be condescending to me!”

A happy sixth(!) anniversary to the comics weblogger what taught us all how to do it, the always-excellent, always-enigmatic Neilalien. Congrats to you, good sir!

And a happy second anniversary to Ken “Ringwood” Lowery, who ponders the state of the Comicsweblogosphere for his special day. Hola, Ken – one post of yours is like ten posts by any normal man.

I mentioned a few days back that I kicked off my New Comics Day by listening to National Lampoon’s “Deteriorata” — well, commenter Randy points us in the direction of this flash animation, which includes the full song. Go, listen, watch. But mostly listen.

“Who’s Going to Want Grandma’s Hoard Of Antique Gnomes? – Since Kids Aren’t Connecting With Collecting Today, Answer May Be Nobody”

“Collecting things, once a big part of childhood, is now pretty much passé with kids. Preoccupied with MP3 players and computer games, they are rarely found sitting at the kitchen table putting postage stamps into collectors’ books or slipping old coins into plastic sleeves. These days, baseball cards and comic books are collected by adults. Of the estimated 37 million Americans who identified themselves as collectors in 2000, just 11% were under the age of 36, according to a study by marketing consultant Unity Marketing Inc. Most were over 50.”

(Parts of this article remind me of some thoughts I had on a related topic.)

So long, Don.

Also, so long to Darren and to Andreas as well.

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