Speaking of DVDs….

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So I’m terribly excited about that complete Planet of the Apes collection that comes with APE-HEAD PACKAGING (see the photo at the end of yesterday morning’s post), to which the mighty Milo George responded with a mention of the Godzilla Final Box set:

Alas, the Godzilla head isn’t the packaging itself, but just an extra that comes with the DVDs. And, as Milo noted, this isn’t available in a Region 1 (as far as I know)…and neither is my all-time favorite DVD collectors’ box:

I had believed this was Japan-only, but apparently there was a UK edition as well. But, really, just look at it…the DVDs are stored beneath the Alien’s clear skull top. Does it get any better than that? I suggest that no, it does not, sir.

Oh, and don’t forget the apparently forthcoming fourteen-disc Superman DVD set, which includes a new cut (with previously unseen footage) of Superman II. If there’s any justice in the world, these DVDs would come in a box in the shape of Marlon Brando’s head:

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