I’m just going to quote from the bad reviews, since those are more fun.

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From the Amazon.com user reviews for Ultimate Avengers: The Movie, out on DVD this week:

“This is yet another attempt for Marvel comics to sell their toy line. the weak stary and sub par animation left this movie wanting more time for action and less on everything else they did.”

“this movie was weak.
i was looking at it at home fell asleep on it.
i’ve seen better marval catoon movie’s.
the fact that it seemd to old.
i was hopeing they put spider man in it.
thor looks like an women in the movie
rent it if i was you.
i’ll give you my copy if yah’ll want lol'”

“Apparently, Thor just THINKS he’s the Son of Odin? AND he’s a bleeding heart hippie with a mad-on for professional fishermen? I won’t insert here the obscenities I unleashed at the TV when I saw that bit.”

“This movie really needed to be rated R to do justice to the source material.”

“And what’s up with Hulk picking up Mjollnir and using it against Thor?? WRONG!!!! NO ONE ELSE CAN PICK UP HIS HAMMER!!!!!!! Thor should have been kicking major butt, but not here. Thor is the GOD OF THUNDER, show him that way!”

“The Ultimates comic was skillfully written, socially relevant and brilliantly illustrated. The movie is a watered down, Saturday morning cartoon adaptation, probably aimed at people under 12.”

“Oh and as far as all you Amazonian’s out there giving this a good review and telling others to ignore the bad ones, you’re exactly the people Lions Gate is banking on rushing right out to buy this without first reading reviews.”

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