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Found in one of our store’s back room boxes…somehow this mistrimmed copy of Spider-Man (#26, from 1992) managed to sneak past us and not get reported in as a damage. Oops.

That’s okay…I think we’ve had our $3.50’s (minus the wholesale discount) worth of entertainment out of this comic, just as a conversation piece. And the unusual shape actually makes the contents seem interesting, in an odd sort of way, since goodness knows they weren’t before.

“Colossus is bisexual in X-Men 3”

I don’t know why this is on the DC boards, either…but the tone seems to fit right in:

“I wanna see how they show its a romantic crush on Wolverine and not just platonic admiration.”

“In the comics he is bisexual and in the ultimate universe he is gay, his boyfriend is northstar. what a sick way to ruin a great character”

“Why is it sick? Colossuss is bisexual, so what? […] What’s he going to do? cop a feel during a fastball special?”

“I’m not implying that it’s sick,because a person’s sexual orientation does not bother me, but I don’t like when people change a character. I’m a purest.”

“I hope this is a damn joke.Colossus isn’t gay,aside from the horrendous Ultimate title.Homosexuals want a gay character ? Create one,and leave traditional characters the hell alone.”

“I for one don’t care what someone’s sexual orientation is, and I sure don’t want them to assign any orientation to any comic book character, especially since my kids want to see these movies.”

“Liberal Hollywood Attacks Again!!! You know I dont have anything against changing some characters here and there,but I am getting tired of Hollywoods agenda.”

“For Storm and Black Panther, it’s my big fat superhero wedding”

“Although [Eric Jerome] Dickey is comfortable writing erotic scenes for his novels, Storm fans won’t be seeing anything explicit.

“‘What I love about comics is that you still have that modesty,’ Dickey said. “You still fade to black.'”

Didn’t see Avengers #71, I guess.

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