Comic book titles I don’t want to see.

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Wolverine’s True Bride Romance

G.I. Joe Versus Transformers Versus Voltron Versus Battle of The Planets Versus Micronauts Versus Masters of The Universe: Battle of The Fading Licensed Properties

Fantastic Foursome

The New Ultimates

New New Warriors

Li’l Vampirella

Sin City: The Dark Knight Strikes Again at al-Qaida (guest-starring Elektra)

Sgt. Fury And His “Going Commando”

Pa Kent: Manhunter

Power Pack Swimsuit Special

Extreme Justice: The Absolute Edition Hardcover

Betty & Veronica & Tarot Witch of the Black Rose

Sandman: Another Spin-off Series Not Written by Neil Gaiman And Not Starring Death; Sorry, Goths

Richie Rich Junk Bonds


Millie The Nude Model

Aquaman And The Ravers

Pantha: Rebirth

Todd McFarlane’s Miracleman

Lady Death 2005 Bikini Special Prism Foil Cover (oops, sorry, that one’s real)

Spider-Man: Yet Another Mini-Series That Could Instead Have Run in One of The Four Or Five Regular Monthly Spider-Man Titles (applies also to Batman, X-Men, Superman….)

Giant-Size Throbbing, Rigid And Penetrating Man-Thing

Another Amateurish Dark-Humored Black And White Comic Trying for Some of That Johnny The Homicidal Maniac Money

Superman’s Girlfriend, Paris Hilton (that’s for you, pal Tom!)

The Comic Where We Spent All Our Budget on Advertising Even Though The Comic Itself Is Crap, But It Doesn’t Matter Since We’re Just Hoping for A Movie/Animation Deal Anyway

Batman And The Supply-Siders

Hawkman: A New Beginning (NOOOOOOOOOOO!)

Deathmate II

Jim Henson Presents Swamp Thing Babies

Mary Jane & Speedball Versus Doctor Bong

Okay, maybe I’d want to see those last two.

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