Waiting for the repairman, or someone like him.

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So, remember those repairmen that I was waiting for last Monday? Well, for one reason or another, they weren’t able to come by that day…so allegedly they will be arriving at some point today. Well, we’ll see…but in the meantime, here, have some stuff, links, random thoughts, follow-ups, you know….

Comic-booky stuff on the You Tube:

Pete reads from the Malibu Comics Mortal Combat spin-off Goro Prince of Pain

JSA fan film trailer

The nigh-legendary Lobo Paramilitary Christmas Special

Kids, don’t try this at home: Superman action figure is set on fire. I enjoy the combination of the television in the background and the heavy breathing of the person doing the burning, for that extra-creepy flavor.

Batman, Robocop, a ninja(?), Jason from Friday the 13th, someone’s garageexcellence.


I just realized I alphabetized “Vaughn Bode” under “Vaughn” in my Valentine’s Day post. No, I’m not going to fix it. Let my error stand for future generations to mock.

So at the store, I’m nearing the end of what has felt like The Task That Would Not End…the gathering together of 100,000 comics for an impending bulk sale. That works out to about 285 long boxes, in case you’re wondering. Now, a lot of these are coming from the glory days of the late ’80s/early ’90s (which I’ve spoken about before here and here), when we are all ordering tons of comics, and selling tons of comics, and ordering more than what would sell on the rack since we were selling tons of back issues, too…then the market crashed, and that was that.

So goodbye Brigade, so long Second Life of Dr. Mirage, bon voyage Semper Fi, arrivederci Spider-Man Unlimited #1…you all had your day in the sun — well maybe not Semper Fi — but I’m glad to see the back end of y’all.

One series I’m slashing the backstock down to the bone on is Marvel Comics Presents, the biweekly anthology series. Now, sure, most of it wasn’t all that good, but it did have some high points. The Barry Windsor-Smith “Weapon X” series, a Wolverine story by Peter David and Sam Keith, Hercules by Bob Layton…there’s some wheat in the chaff there. Granted, it’ll take some searching to find it…can any of you folks remember any other good stories out of this series?

The Hulk boots ad and the Cyclops connect-the-dots puzzle I posted last week were from The Uncanny X-Men at the State Fair of Texas, a freebie comic distributed with copies of the Dallas Times Herald newspaper, almost certainly alarming and disturbing the citizenry. Pal JP had bought one of our copies a couple weeks back, and when next I saw him, he insisted I check it out for myself. I would have scanned more stuff out of it, like the several ads for, I don’t know, appliances and whatnot that just have Spider-Man pasted into the ad, but I sold our remaining copy over the weekend. I had to choose between entertaining you folks or collecting five bucks, and sorry man, but baby needs shoes.

BeaucoupKevin helped Cyclops, by the way.

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