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Franklin Harris is back, and he’s weblogging about the funnybooks. Go check him out, tell him Mikester sent you.

So the other day I received an invitation to an advance screening for the V for Vendetta film, which includes a question and answer session with folks involved with the film…in New York, the opposite side of the country from me, alas. Despite some of the misgivings I’ve had about the film, it’s a shame the screening is a tad bit out of my way…I’m always up for a free flick. And hey, that would have been a day’s content for this weblog, at the very least. Ah, well.

“X3 Wiil Be Last in X-Men Film Series”

In the “we meant to do that” department:

“‘Well, it seems to be the last of the series,'” says [director Brett] Ratner of the title for X3. “‘We wanted to make sure the audiences knew that this was a trilogy. Even though they weren’t made together like Lord of the Rings, this is really closure for the X-Men series…This is the last stand for sure.'”

“‘Sgt. Rock’ heads back to war zone”

A nice, positive “real world” review for Joe Kubert’s new Sgt. Rock: The Prophecy series, which includes this amusing comparison:

“Marvel’s competition for Rock was ‘Nick Fury and His Howling Commandos,’ who went everywhere in the European theater in WWII, blowing trumpets and yelping ‘YAAAaaaAAAAggggGGGHHHhHHHHhhh!!!’ Fury was formed by the wink-wink fatalism of the ’60s, when killing was done with style and attitude. Rock, on the other hand, would have ducked behind some rubble and waited for Fury to get his keester blown off.”

I still think that puppy’s going to meet some terrible fate.

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