Still waiting for the repairmen…

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…so here’s a discussion from the Greatest Internet Message Board Ever, Killer Movies:

“Could Batman Actually Happen??”

“Scenario: I’m a multi-millionaire who’s in decent shape and I’m bored. I decide to hire a bunch of personal martial arts trainers (the best money can buy) to train me rigorously for a year or so. […] Given the money and the will to do it, Batman as we saw him in the movie could actually exist.”

“Even if you did train yourself like him, you probably wouldn’t have the motivation to do it for so long and your psyche would probably not handle the continuous battle against the psychos on a regular basis.”

“you would break your ankle the first time you jumped off a roof”

“i dont think so yout hink theres a guy who owns a group of ninjas and a guy who always smiels and a guy who survived some cold liquid stuff i dont think so”

“There is a reason super heroes stay in the movie. Nobody gets as lucky as they do, or as close to death as many times as they do without dying.”

“fool, you can’t make a batman with gadgets and atheltic ability alone. tragedy is what made batman.”

“but if you did that, the cops would arrest you cuz your not a cop.”

“Likely? Not at all. Rich people are scum (seriously, what rich person ISN’T greedy?). As if any of them would be strong enough to be Batman. They’d do it for shits and giggles then give up after a week when they break a nail in a fist fight with a 13 year old car theif.”

“Couldnt have a Batmobile though, in a big city, you’d get stuck in traffic jams all the time.”

“Do you know how ****ing awesome it would be do see some man is a military TRULY realistic Batman costume stop some gangsta die pig die bling bling thug? ****ING AWESOMe. It’d be all over the news with security cameras and shit and be all over the internet.”

“Perhaps a group of Batmen, working like ninjas, would be possible for a short while.”

“I don’t think batman could hapopen. The three most likely superheroes would be Sandman (put people to sleep with sleeping gas that could happen batman should use that) Hourman (come takes a steroid to make himself strong it could happen) and Punisher just a crazy guy with guns.”

“I know what you mean about the character’s close up abilities to ours but never. You cannot imitate a comic book character. You can create your own symbol and become a new hero but not exposed. If you cannot keep a secret, forget it. These are my words.”

Well said.

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