More sales reports.

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I enjoyed doing the sales report post from yesterday, and while I’m just sitting around and waiting for people to come over and do some repair to the house, I thought I’d do it again. Enjoy, won’t you?

Sgt. Rock: The Prophecy – Sold very well, though there was some initial resistance from the older Rock fans to the non-Joe Kubert alternate covers. However, I am now getting requests from those fans for the other covers.

Showcase Presents – Hard to judge what’s going to sell. The Metamorpho volume did very well, the Justice League volume just kinda sat there. Green Arrow didn’t move as expected, but we sold out of Jonah Hex and House of Mystery immediately. Maybe the oddball titles are more in demand…if that’s the case, I expect Haunted Tank to do tremendously well.

Fury: Peacemaker – The first issue hasn’t exactly taken off, perhaps because people who want to read Garth Ennis’ take on the character preferred the over-the-top, black humored MAX line version to the relatively played-straight version in this series. It’s a good read, and maybe first issue sales will pick up once we get two or three issues in.

Mickey Mouse and Friends – I wish I could make sense of this title. Of the Disney comics, the Mickey titles always pale in sales comparison to the Duck books. And some months, this current series just sits there on the rack and doesn’t move a single copy. Then, for a few issues in a row, it’ll sell through completely. Very frustrating come ordering time.

Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories and Uncle Scrooge – These high-end Disney titles ($6.95 the copy) sell okay in general, but they fly out the door in good numbers whenever there’s a new (or, at least, previously-unprinted in the U.S.) Don Rosa story inside.

Sable and Fortune – Combine a Spider-Man villain that isn’t nearly as interesting as Marvel seems to think she is, with a character that was pretty much only done right when his creator, Howard Chaykin, was working on him, and the end result? One D.O.A. mini-series. When it was time to call in order reductions on this title to our distributor, the customer rep didn’t seem terribly surprised.

Alias comics in general – Tenth Muse does okay, due to local artists working on the book. Other Alias titles…not so much.

Conan – Still selling well, with good back issue movement. Beginning to see an increase in interest in the original Marvel mags and comics again, too.

Schizo #4 – The long-awaited new release from Ivan Brunetti is selling okay for us, given the unusual size and price point…just had to put in my third reorder.

Maze Agency – First issue sold okay, second issue selling primarily to people who were fans of the previous Maze Agency series.

Freshmen – The “created by Seth Green” novelty has worn off. Sales way down.

Nodwick – Not a big seller, but with a vocal and loyal following.

Jonah Hex – Still maintaining its strong sales, with good back issue movement. I was lucky enough to get copies of #1 and #2 before DC ran out, so I’m able to feed demand for the time being.

Spider-Man titles – Sensational Spider-Man #23 seems to have confused a few folks…”What’s this? Where are the first 22 issues?” “It used to be the Marvel Knights Spider-Man title.” “What?” It’s selling okay, and that striking cover helps (hey, I happen to like Angel Medina’s work). The other Spider-titles are beginning to show more movement after an initial resistance to the 12-part “Other” storyline, with people catching up on the back issues they originally skipped. The variant/alternate covers for each “Other” chapter, while popular at first, no longer seem to be in demand. I think it was the “Peter Porker” cover that killed it.

Simpsons titles – Still strong movers, both as a new issue and as a back issue. Trade sales are good as well.

Speakeasy comics in general – Well, Beowulf does okay for us, anyway.

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