Good morning.

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1. Big Bill Sherman has his own observations about the Bones comic book episode that aired this past week. Don’t know why I’m so interested in this, particularly since I didn’t see this episode, and don’t watch the show normally anyway. Just feel like picking at the “everyone hates comic fans” scab, I guess.

2. Recently received issue #45 of Comic Effect, a good old-fashioned fanzine, on real paper with staples and everything. This particular issue focuses on Superman and Superboy comics, with plenty of black and white cover repos, discussion on the changes Superman has undergone over the years, specific vintage issue reviews, and much more. It’s fun reading, and recommended for fans of Silver and “Bronze” age Super-books. Ordering information is available on the ‘zine’s site…this issue isn’t up on the site yet, but it exists, I promise.

3. “True Blue”

“…Do we really know the man in tights? One problem is that Superman’s back story was written on the fly, so to speak. Jerry Siegel and Joe Schuster created the comic book character in 1938 (Action Comics #1), but soon Superman became the collective construct of an army of animators, radio and TV script writers and comic book authors all trying to catch the tail of the blue comet.”

Yes, I saw that “Shuster” was misspelled. Again. And that, eleswhere in the article, the Man of Steel mini-series was given the wrong release date…it was confused with the MOS regular series from ’91. And…well, there are a couple other mistakes, but otherwise it’s an interesting look at what a non-fan (I’m presuming) thinks of Superman’s current media presence.

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