"This is gonna be ‘Street Fighter’ for 2006"

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Ain’t It Cool News sees a couple images from X-Men 3, hijinks ensue:

“This is gonna be ‘Street Fighter’ for 2006; I just hope nobody in the cast dies after it’s released, with their role in this turkey-to-be as their last.”

“It won’t look as bad as that on screen.”

“But hey, this instalment of X-Men looks completely comic book. Full to the seams with characters and too much plot and over the top.”

“X3 may indeed suck but at least i’m not gonna prejudge the thing based on a couple of mediocre publicity stills.”

“Superheroes are inherently stupid. And the movies need to reflect that fact.”

“This movie is not gonna be terrible I mean, no one really knows anything about it, and it is one of those movies that, right now, is trendy to not like.”

“I honestly think that Harry [Knowles] […] is lieing to everyone and telling them that it is actually the way Colossus is going to look. HARRY, you’re a journalist now, act like it!”

“Marvel is promising to screw up the amazing Hellfire club story to the same extent they blew the Daredevil-Electra-Bullseye story.”

“geez u people are talking as if the first two xmen movies were like the first star wars and empire strikes back. They were above average at best. Their costumes SUCKED!!”

“I like the fact that these are for the most part real looking people with these powers. Only ‘creatures’ such as the Hulk, or Beast, should be altered. I think it’s going to be a fun movie. You people all suck.”

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