POW! BAM! ZAP! Comics in the news!

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“Marvel’s new Spidey suit sure to fall flat with fans”

“Marvel is called the ‘House of Ideas,’ but the same ideas, which are obviously being used over and over, are getting pretty boring.”

“French comic ribs Islamists and wins Muslim praise”

“[French Muslim Council] head Dalil Boubakeur praised its portrayal of arcane theological disputes in Islam as accurate and amusing.”

“Quintessentially different”

“‘Graphic novel,’ as a term, is an American contribution […] – as is the notion that comic books were written for only a juvenile audience.”

“…It can be roughly defined as a book that will still be considered a novel if converted to plain text format.”

“Etown’s very own ‘Superman'”

If you could be any superhero, who would you be?
I want to be Superman. He can fly and that’s awesome.”

“SFist Looks With Dread to the East”

“Replace Minas Morgul with the Moscone Center, the Witch King with Kevin Smith, and put a ‘d’ in front of ‘orcs,’ and you’ve got WonderCon 2006. It’s coming this weekend, and you can almost smell the protective plastic bags and acne medication in the air.”

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