I just sat here for a couple minutes trying to come up with a title for this post, until I realized what I was doing.

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Not that you need me to point out something on Newsarama, but this Mike Parobeck retrospective on the tenth anniversary of his death is a must-read. Parobeck was one of my favorite cartoonists…I was going to say “at the time,” but he remains one of my favorite comic book artists, and his loss was a great one.

I also learned on Newsarama (among other sources) about the “Man of Miracles” figure in a forthcoming Spawn toyline. Looks like Todd McFarlane is continuing his quest to muddy up the issues regarding ownership of the Marvelman/Miracleman character. Oy.

I went to pull some choice quotes from the Spawn message board thread regarding this particular figure line, but the proliferation of giant signature images completely shut my brain down. Particularly the CGI dancing anime girl. What th–?

Well, here are a few comments regarding “Man of Miracles,” anyway:

“Man of Miracles looks nothing like he did in the comic… what a jip. He still rocks.”

“I AM SO BUYING MAN OF MIRACLES!!!! Obviously, it is Miracleman, just however McF managed to reimagine him so he could use him… But I will get that one, as it’s the closest thing I will likely ever get to an actual Miracleman figure”

“I think that the idea of Man of Miracles being an updated Miracle Man.
is too cool. I dig the updated uniform and do not care that it it not
comic accurate.”

“Man of Miracles: Boring. The comic version would have been a cool figure, he needs the face tatoos if nothing else.”

“MoM: Not good and will still be on toy shelves in 2007.”

“I am so friggin’ tired of Todd’s random obsession with this lame character and his annoyingly proliferated need to use it regardless of infringing ownership rights.”

“I know that another company is releasing old Miracleman comics, so I would take that as a sign that Todd doesn not have the comic rights for Miracleman. However, by the statue and 3″ figure, we know that he does have the figure rights. So, he looks different in the comic because he can’t look like or be Miracleman, but this series presented Todd with the opportunity to make a Miracleman figure, to which he has the rights.”

To follow up on a previous post, Chris “Lefty” Brown’s weblog can now be found at leftybrown.blogspot.com…at least until the situation with his former web address is cleared up.

As long as I’m pointing to past posts, I tried desperately to find something substantial online regarding the Olivia Newton-John and (I believe) Dino De Laurentiis Silver Surfer film project for yesterday’s post. There is a brief mention in the Comics Journal thing I linked, but I was hoping to find a little more on the topic. Of course, there may not be more, aside from “well, we were going to make this movie until realized it was a lot of money for something that was going to be a flop, so we gave up.” Ah, well. I just wanted to bring it up in case some of you didn’t know such a thing had actually almost come to pass.

The newest installment of Mike Sterling’s Behind the Counter is now up at Comic Book Galaxy, where I lead off with one of my favorite puzzling back issue stories. Enjoy, won’t you?

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