Sunday evening misc.

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Boy, you don’t often see ads like this (from the back cover of a ’70s Marvel) for children’s toys nowadays:

“Hey, kids…Satan thinks these model cars are great, and you will too!”

So a couple years back, Dave introduced his convenient and essential comics weblog update tracker, which I immediately and sorta facetiously dubbed the “Comics Weblog Update-A-Tron 3000” — for which Dave, I’m sure, has never forgiven me. (In truth, he comments on the name at the end of his FAQ.)

Just on a whim, I did a little Googling on that particular title, and got just shy of 17,000 matches. Most of which, of course, are links duplicated on multiple archive pages on the same weblog, and that doesn’t count the various permutations of the name I’ve seen…but still, Dave, I’m sorry for saddling your great contribution to the Comicsweblogosphere with my smart-aleckiness.

Speaking of the weblogs, what happened to Chris “Lefty” Brown’s site? Now there’s some kinda empty weblog in its place. Is it just a glitch? Did he change web addresses? Did he quit his site and some else picked up the name? Was it (and I’m really hoping this isn’t the case) stolen out from under him? Does anyone know what happened?

EDIT: Just followed a link from Eddie-torial Comments to one of Chris’ archive pages, so those still appear to be up.

So long, Grandpa.

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