Comics on TV.

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From the February 6-12 2006 edition of TV Guide:

That’s from the full-page ad…here’s the listing from the “Highlights” page for Wednesday (2/8):

“Bones uses her own superpowers to analyze the killing of a comic-book geek in another case of a troubled kid that the forensics freak feels a connection to.”

So either this will be another exaggerated, stereotyped portrayal of a comic book fan…or it will be a dead-on portrayal of a certain type of comic book fan. Either way, look to your favorite comics message board for much wailing and rending of garments after this airs…particularly if it hits too close to home for some folks.

(Actually, I’ve never seen this Bones show…any good?)

For more educational viewing, tune in to your local PBS station Sunday night (2/12) for Nature:

“Peter Parker could learn a thing or two about arachnids from aficionado Martin Nicholas, who chats with Spider-Man creator Stan Lee about spiders’ abilities….”

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