Special "Mike Is Sick" Edition.

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I’m all congested and yucky and stuff, so here is just some random material I’m tossing your way before I crawl back into bed:

1. Dara compares and contrasts a good Swamp Thing cover with a bad Swamp Thing cover.


3. Happy birthday to Fred Hembeck!

4. “It’s now official.NO GAMBIT IN X3”

“What, they can cast halle berry and james marsden but not someone to play gambit? Please…”

“Is it that hard to stick a guy in a trench coat and give him a pack of cards?”

“That’s SH*T! He’s too hot not to be in it!”

“at least if X3 sucks we can say ‘X3 would have be cool if Gambit was in it'”

“I think this only proves Fox doesn’t want to please the fans.They only want to push Wovlerine.”

“Lets realy hope so.If he’s not in X4 then we need to deystroy Fox.”

“maybe we can make our own movie!!!! and make lots of money ^^ then they’ll be sry…”

“I think if I had to listen to five minutes of that faggish accent I would ****ing kill myself. He made the cartoon almost apinful to watch.”

“Its true I do hate Gambit. Hes number 3 of my most disliked comic book characters. But seeing as this thread is mostly full of those who like him I’ll keep my negative commetns to myself.”

“gambit’s cajun-ness simply cannot be ignored! his TRADEMARK is his accent!”

“He will be in X-Men 4.”

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