Sunday morn misc.

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“A wedding fit for superheroes”

“‘Louise had always dreamed of getting married dressed as Wonderwoman….'”

“[The chapel’s] proprietor said they were the best costumes they had seen in the chapel’s 40 year history.”

So what’s up with Iceman back issue sales, lately? Not just the 1984 series by DeMatteis ‘n’ Kupperberg, but this 2001/2 “Icons” series as well. Every time I check our X-Men back issue bins for restocking, we’ve sold out yet again of both these series. I’m trying to think of an “Iceman’s hot!” joke, but nothing’s really coming to me.

Is it just our store, or is it nationwide? Is the public demanding their Iceman comics, after the character’s star turn in the X-Men films?

Hey, if you wanted to participate in pal Dorian’s “meme” but didn’t have your own website or weblog or anywhere else to host your image, send it my way and I’ll post it for you tonight. I’m only going to participate in the meme one more time before retiring from it. I have to retire from it, because the temptation is to do nothing but these things, and as fun as they are, I need to move along.

So if you have one you want to share with the world, get it to me by 6 PM Pacific time tonight (send it to mikester (at) progressiveruin (dot) com), and I’ll get it posted for you. (I reserve the right to not post a banner if I decide it’s not something I want on my site, for whatever reason. Yeah, I know, I’m a jerk.)

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