And perhaps, now, I can retire from the meme in peace.

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Well, I think as these “meme” fads go, pal Dorian’s is one of the best. It’s a weird mix of commentary, comedy, appreciation, and mockery that’s been (mostly) good-natured and fun to look at. So kudos to Dor for cooking it up, whether he meant to or not!

Like I said this morning, as fun as it is, I gotta cut myself off or this is going to end up being all that I do. But, before I let it go…here are a last few shots. These first two are by yours truly:

Kevin, a customer of mine, asked me if I would make this next one for him. Hey, don’t look at me, I’m a “lefty blog,” remember:

This next one is a contribution from reader Luke McB., who captures the feeling evoked by this particular Alex Ross image perfectly:

The next two are from reader John L.:

And I wanted to end with this one, also from John L., because everybody loves MODOK:

Believe you me, I could have kept going. I wanted to do “Spider-Man…doesn’t appreciate irony,” but I couldn’t find a picture of Spidey being attacked by spiders that I liked. Employee Nathan suggested “Darth Vader…finds your lack of faith disturbing,” which is brilliant. I also wanted to do “Daredevil…just doesn’t see what the problem is,” because apparently I like to make fun of blind people. Oh, and “Message boarders…are apparently allergic to hosting their own freaking images,” as I believe many of us have discovered during this particular meme.

At any rate, it’s been fun, and I look forward to seeing what other “affirmation banners” (or whatever the heck you want to call them) you folks cook up. Keep checking here for future entries…at least until Dorian can no longer keep up with them. I don’t know how he’s managed so far!

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