No wonder Jean Loring went insane.

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So Ray Palmer, in his superhero identity of the Atom, has acquired a mynah bird (by the name of Major Mynah, which makes me want to slap someone…or give someone one of those Gil Kane-patented head-over-heels roundhouse punches) who has an unfortunate habit of repeating things other people say. Oh, and the bird also has artificial Thanagarian wings provided by Hawkman, but that’s beside the point. Anyway, after the day’s adventure is concluded, Ray and the Major show up at Jean’s for dinner, and the bird goes and flaps his big mouth…er, beak:

from The Atom #37 (June/July 1968) by Gardner Fox, Gil Kane & Sid Greene

Ray’s big excuse:

“I have an explanation as far as I’m concerned — but Atom will have to do his own explaining!

Major Mynah must have been watching the Five Star Final newscast on television — the show that dramatizes the news of the day — even to using the same words the participants used!”

And Ray’s explanation of “oh, it’s just a big conincidence that both the Atom and I now have pet mynah birds” gets this response from Jean:

What th–she bought that? And dig Ray’s solution to avoiding this problem in the future…in the great tradition of Ace the Bat-hound (under Jan. 14th) and Krypto the Superdog, AKA Skippy, Major Mynah will have to wear a disguise.

Quite frankly, I think Jean and Ray are both nuts. The bird’s the only sane one.

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