Googling up some fun.

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“Among our readings this semester may be materials that you find offensive (indeed, among the readings are things even the instructor finds disturbing). Be aware that explicit violence, frank sexuality, and graphic explorations of socially taboo matters such as race and racism will be included in the readings for historical and literary-critical reasons. […] Like other forms of literature, comics can cover a full range of topics, attitudes, and problems!”

20% of the grade was this assignment:

“This 4 to 5-page essay will involve visiting, describing, and critiquing a local comic book store. Your goal will be to ‘read’ and analyze each store as if it were a text, subject to your own critical interpretation.”

Oh, dear. I imagine that got really ugly right quick.

Another 20% of the grade for this class was a mini-comics project:

“This will be a creative project, in which every member of the class (including the instructor!) creates her/his own comic book based on the same folktale or urban legend.”

Cool! I wonder how those turned out….

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