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So I was chatting with pal Ian (who’s in town on school break) today about my post from this morning, and thus, following said chat, wanted to add a couple follow-ups about that class:

1. I wasn’t making fun…I genuinely thought a whole college class on funnybooks is pretty cool. That bit warning students about the content was amusing if, sadly, necessary, what with thin-skinnedness on the rise. Plus, I’m a bit jealous…when I was in college (under Feb. 2), the most I got was one graphic novel per class. And I had to walk a mile through the snow to get there…you kids these days, you’ve got it easy.

2. Now, it’s fairly safe to say that a good portion of the students taking this class have at least some interest in comic books. However, as I also recall from my college days, there were those classes that you took simply because 1) they met some requirement or other, and 2) they fit into your schedule. Thus, almost certainly there were a couple people, at least, who took the class more out of necessity than desire, and may in fact have never read a comic book before. It’s also very possible when they found out that they actually had to make their own comic book as a class requirement, they rolled their eyes, groaned, and dreaded the task.

Those are the comic books from this class I want to read. Comics by people uninterested in the form, forced to create a comic despite themselves. I wonder what they had to say? What they learned?

Speaking of pal Ian, he’s asking “after you gave up comics in some point of your life…what brought [you] back?” And I told him at the shop today that I almost answered in his comments section, but didn’t because I don’t really fit into that category. After I started reading comics, I never stopped. I’ve been reading comics about as long as I’ve been able to read, so that’s well over three decades of uninterrupted funnybook enjoyment (with the occasional meal and sleep break). Combined with parents who, since they were forced to throw away their comics as young folk, never forced me to do the same with mine, I am now left with…well, a huge storage problem, but that’s a different subject altogether.

Anyway, go answer Ian’s worthy query, if you could. He already has some interesting responses.

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