"Progressive Ruin…now with less Batman per serving!"

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Bully speaks briefly about a street vendor with some rather…optimistic prices on back issues he’s trying to unload. That’s not terribly unusual. Most people outside of the hobby, when they think about comics at all (“they still print those things?”) and, in particular, think about the monetary side of the medium, assume that any “old” comic is worth money. (“Old” is in quotes, because when someone tells me they have a bunch of really old comics, 99% of the time they aren’t any older than the mid-1980s. If they insist the comics were owned by their grandparents, with 5-cent cover prices, kept in an attic in an old trunk they recently uncovered…then the comics are usually from the 1990s.)

His story reminded me of a couple kids that, a few years back, brought in a stack of comic books to sell to us — mostly ’90s books in fairly beat-up condition that we wouldn’t have needed even if they were in perfect shape. I informed them that, sorry, couldn’t use these comics, and they left, and I figured that was that. Well, about half an hour later, I looked out our front window, and saw those same kids on a street corner across the way from us. They had set up a small table with a sign that read “COMICS FOR SALE,” and they were hawking the funnybook wares that we, apparently foolishly, turned down. They weren’t there long…after about forty-five minutes or so of non-sales, they packed up and moved on. Amusing, and you have to admire the attempt.

Sometimes I get questions at the store that completely freeze up my brain: “Hey, whatever happened to the Aliens Vs. The Borg comic book?” And no, he didn’t mean the Terminator, and said “the Borg” by mistake. He meant the Star Trek villains.

Although, now that I think about, I want to see it.

“Comic charaters that should’nt have their own movie”

“Fantastic Four – it’s just too rediculous and silly. Human Torch is cool but the others have crap powers.”

“Midnighter should never have his own film”

“Thor: not known to people that dont read comics
Avengers: Most characters arent known to people that dont read comics
Steel: Becuz it would stupid
Silver Surfer: Again it would be stupid
Hercules: Very Very Stupid
Flash: It going to be very hard to get people to believe that the Flash can hurt someone.
Martian Manhunter:not known to people that dont read comics
Green Arrow: fighting crime with Old weapons in Modern times, very very unbelievable.
Plastic Man: Very Very Very Very Very Stupid”

“i cant see a stand alone beta ray bill movie but i can see in appearing in one like thors movie but not one for himself”

“Captain Britain – I’m British and I know this charcters not gonna work on a British audience”

“Namor – c’mon, Aquaman is much cooler than him. Namor is gay.”

“Deadpool should definitely get his own movie!!! he is cool, has a grat history and there’s tons of possible villains, such as T-ray, slayback, Juggernaut, black Tom Cassidy, Bullseye, any hero!!”

There’s another well-reasoned discussion on this forum — “Why are all the most powerful Avengers blonde?” (“Have u noticed that the 4 most powerful Avengers ever are blonde? […] I think thats kinda gay.” “Blonde hair is gay?”) — but I think that’s enough for now.

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