"Holy hot links, Batman!"

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The 1966 Batman TV Tribute Site.

Another Batman TV show fan site, with an interesting Shockwave interface. I could just sit here and stare at the home page for hours.

The 1966 Batman message board.

Where are the TV show DVDs?

A review of the 1966 movie’s DVD…a must-buy, by the way.

Lyrics for the theme song. Yes, really.

This NPR page about the history of Batman includes a Realaudio file of the theme.

Dolphins made to sing Batman theme, swear vengeance on humanity.

Nostalgia Central on our favorite Bat-show.

This Is Pop gives us a nice selection of photos.

A highly-detailed scale model of the TV show’s Batcave.

The Original 1966 Batmobile website, with specs on the car, custom models, and much, much more! Here’s another Batmobile site.

A brief discussion on which ’60s Batman villain was tops.

“BATMAN!!!! The TV Show: The Play” – finished its run a few months ago, but here’s a Flickr photo set celebrating the event.

The Museum of Broadcast Communications has this to say about the show.

So, when do you think Batman jumped the shark? “Batman surfs?” “Robin battles the Green Hornet?” “Alfred dons the Batsuit?”

YTMND-palooza: When Picard Attacks Batman, Batman versus Shark, Bomb over Batman, Batman Raps, Groove It Extreme Batman, and Batman’s Drug Freakout.

An examination of which movie/TV show Batman (including Adam West’s interpretation) would win in a fight. Comes to a shocking conclusion.

Do the Batusi, you magnificent bastards.

Some choice quotes from the show.

“Batman hit on my sister.”

The infamous Siamese Human Knot Web Site, celebrating the most nefarious trap ever faced by the Dynamic Trio. Includes fan art, fan fiction, video of the event in question, and more info on this subject than you can ever possibly imagine.

On a similar subject, the Batgirl Bat-Trap Homepage, including fan art, photo manips, and cosplay.

The Return to the Batcave reunion show’s official site…here’s a brief photo gallery, and a review or two as well.

And now, official sites, fan sites, and the occasional merchandise site, for the actors: Adam (Batman) West, Burt (Robin) Ward, Yvonne (Batgirl) Craig, Frank (The Riddler) Gorshin, Burgess (Penguin) Meredith, Eartha (Catwoman) Kitt, Julie (Catwoman) Newmar, Victor (King Tut) Buono, Cesar (Joker) Romero, Roddy (Bookworm) McDowall, Art (The Archer) Carney, Vincent (Egghead) Price, Otto (Mr. Freeze) Preminger, and Neil (The Composer of The Show’s Theme Song) Hefti.

The Wikipedia entry includes (for the moment) the following passage:

“Comic book fans who know Batman as a grim ‘masked avenger of the night’ speak of the TV series with a near-universal revulsion and hatred. The series is seen by fans as a black mark on the medium of comic books, as it cast comics as silly, light-weight entertainment meant strictly for young children….”

“Welcome to Hell” image courtesy the mighty Mr. Dan Kelly.

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