Because I’m lazy short on time…

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…more bon mots from the DC message boards:

“Anyone else thing [sic] Miller’s All-Star Batman is CRAP???”

“It reads like Miller dressed some of his Sin City characters in Batman costumes.”

“So far, its like a Batman comic for the ADD Generation.”

“It’s beyond terrible. Even Lee’s art can’t save it. I don’t know about the Superman book yet, although i don’t care for the art in it.”

“Doesn’t everyone?”

“i am suprised this dribble is coming from Miller, it will be a shame if i have to drop Jim Lee’s awesome art because the normally great miller is writing this hack styles.”

“I’m sorry but Frank Miller fundamentally does not like superheroes. He just likes corrupting them. But it is beyond that. He reduces them to the point they are slime. I suspect the only time he does not do that is in the main DC Universe where he is not allowed to do that, such as in Batman Year One which was good. But I suspect it was good because he had a tight set of reins on him. He knew how far he could push it.”

“Don’t read it like it was DC, Marvel, or even Darkhorse
Instead approach it like Zap, Mr Natural, Mickey Mouse and the Air Pirates, or The Fabulous Furry Freak Bros”

“I think its crap. I think both All-Stars are crap. I think the current Winnick arc with Jason in Batman is crap as well.”

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