If you’re gonna start the new year off right…

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…you’re gonna need a picture of a sexy chicken:

from Those Crazy Peckers #1 (February 1987) – art by Kent Bivens

I’d previously mentioned Those Crazy Peckers, since I had come across an ad for them in another comic. I didn’t even bother to check our store stock to see if we had a copy available, since I figured “nah, I dumped most of those Solson comics into the quarter boxes years ago, there’s no way we’d still have this around.” Well, surprise surprise, I was rearranging some back issues a couple days ago, and there it was!

Here, have an old joke:

In the same back issue rearranging binge, I turned up Captain Koala #5, which contains absolutely no credits or copyright information of any kind. But it does have the good captain himself wielding some mighty weaponry:

I thought koalas were a little more peaceful than that.

“Superman namesake is 1st 2006 baby”…in this particular area, anyway:

“The DeGuzmans’ second child, Kalel Christopher, was delivered at 2:08 a.m. via Caesarean section — five days before his scheduled delivery, but right on time to be the first reported baby of the New Year in Volusia and Flagler counties.

“He entered the world 20 inches long, weighing 6 pounds, 11 ounces. And his parents gave him the same first name Superman got on his native Krypton.”

No mention is made of that other Super-named baby.

“No Hulk 2 Says Bana”

“Marvel’s Avi Arad said recently that a “Hulk 2” would be more adventure-ridden and less-psychological drama, something the first film was criticised widely for. […] ‘Movie one seemed to have been tough on some people, but some of us think it is one of the more courageous depictions of a comic book character.'”

I have a new “Behind the Counter” column up at Comic Book Galaxy…I talk briefly about the various product types we’ve carried at the shop, including the one product line I am the most ashamed to have sold. Really, I feel guilty about selling these things to this very day. Go see what it is, why don’t you.

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