From the DC message boards….

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“Who is the Crapiest, Most Flamin Gay, Most Unoriginal, Poorly drawn, Poorly Written SuperHero/SuperVillain in DC Comics History?”

“Deadshot without his mask sucks like Cobra Commander without his mask used to suck. This guy does not look scary.”

“I want zatanna to be raped by dr. light and huntress, I hate that b!tch”

“Some of the Green Lantern Corps — The guy thats one big eye yet he has a mask. And a planet thats a GL?”

“yea i never liked metamorpho… shift is soo much better since he’s one color…”

“Superboy-Prime. I believe his secret identity is Jack from ‘Will and Grace’.”

“> Wow. 4 pages & nobody has mentioned Hush yet?

Screw you! Hush rules! He’s the best new villian to be introduced perhaps since the Joker!”

“‘Mazing Man.” (clearly a typo)

“Terry Berg El Extraño Apollo and the Midnighter Element Lad”


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