New Year’s Eve Morning Miscellany.

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Okay, as I figured, I forgot one from my favorite 2005 comics list in yesterday’s review. Hero Squared from Boom! Studios had J.M. DeMatteis and Keith Giffen successfully transplant their humorous take on the 1980s Justice League to a brand new title, along with the able assistance of Joe Abraham. Good, funny stuff.

Speaking of year-end reviews, pal Dorian kicks ass and takes names with his wrap-up.

One of my favorite things about Tom Spurgeon’s mighty Comics Reporter is the occasional one-line humorous dismissal he’ll use in his news links: “This Person Loved the Year in Mainstream Comics” is the most recent one to bring a smile to my face.

It reminds me of something similar that used to pop up in the Comics Journal news columns once in a while (and Mr. Spurgeon may have been responsible for, perhaps, come to think of it): in the middle of the usual comprehensive coverage of the non-mainstream comics world, there’d be a one or two line piece along the lines of “Apparently Superman has a new costume,” and that’d be pretty much that…and that would be all it deserved, given the lasting impact these “permanent” changes usually have in the superhero market. It’s particularly funny when one considers how many column inches that, say, Wizard would have devoted to the subject.

Okay, I promise I’ll stop flogging the dead Bat-horse after this, but I had a customer on Friday tell me that he was questioning his own taste in comics, since he thought All-Star Batman was a hoot, but everything he read on the internet was telling him how bad it was. I had to reassure him that, no, in fact the comic is good, and all those folks on the internet just, I don’t know, got up on the wrong side of bed this year or something. I think I have the beginnings of a support group, here.

Added yourself to my Frappr map yet? If you do, feel free to plug your website (or band, or whatever) in the map’s “shout out” section. Go ahead, I won’t mind.

Have a happy (and safe!) New Year’s, pals!

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