Christmas Eve Morning Miscellany.

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Okay, I’ve been kinda slacking off on this site the last couple of days, what with Christmas shenanigans and all. But there are a couple of things I wanted to note.

First, there’s a good gag in the latest issue of Mad Magazine (#461) in their “Graphic Novel Review” section:

“Small wonder that The Thoroughly Updated, All-Inclusive Handbook to the Marvel Universe became the #1 comic in the United States, reportedly selling more than 14,000 copies per month.”

Actually, that may be more sad than funny, come to think of it.

Next, there’s an interview with Polite Scott of Polite Dissent fame, and, amidst his thoughtful comments, he was nice enough to say a kind word or two about me as well. Aw, shucks.

So long as I’m throwing out links to weblogs, check out the mighty Mr. Dan Kelly, who has started a brand new weblog at that very hyperlink. He’s a swell guy, a good writer, and a sex machine. Er, so I’ve heard.

As for the funnybooks…some of you folks might remember how Beaucoup Kevin said the Martian Manhunter “totally owned” in JLA Classified #14? Well, I looked at the first few pages of next week’s #15, and this time it is Superman with the ownage. Good stuff, sez I.

While on the subject of Swamp Thing (shut up, I’m sure I’ve talked about Swamp Thing sometime recently), where’s that TwoMorrows Swampmen book? Wasn’t it supposed to come out October/November-ish? (Actually, just checked…it’s been delayed again. AAAAARGH!)

And here…one last comic news story in the “real world” press before Christmas:

“INFINITE CRISES – How will the DC Comics universe adjust to its own war without end?”

“It does reflect our times, but Infinite Crisis isn’t some thinly veiled antiwar polemic – it’s entertainment, designed to clean DC’s house, and, of course, to boost its bottom line with endless spinoffs and aftermath tales to come.”

So there you go. I hope everyone has a nice holiday, where applicable.



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